Easy access by cars, buses and trains

Take the Eastern Kanto Expressway, and you can get straight to the city of Itako by way of Narita.

Trains can easily take you to Narita, and beyond Narita local trains or buses are available. Or enjoy the tour on a long distance bus from Narita, Tokyo and Akihabara railway stations.

Why don't you have a short visit to these peaceful cities?

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Sawara, Itako, Kashima

Routes of Express Buses

Sawara, Itako, Kashima

For Choshi
via Sawara, Omigawa:by Keisei Bus Co.,Chiba Kotsu Co.
(From Hamamatsu-cho)>>a stop across Tokyo Station Yaesu Central Exit>>Taiei>>Tamatsukuri-Danchi>>Sawara Station>>Katori City Hall>>>>Toshiba-cho (Choshi)
For Hokota
(via Itako, Aso:by Kanto Tetsudo Green Bus
Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit>>Katori-Jingu>>Sawara Station>>Itako Station>>Aso City Branch Hall>>Kitaura City Branch Hall>>Hokota Station
For Kashima-Jingu Station
(via Kashima:by Kanto-Tetsudo Co.,JR Bus Kanto Co.,Keisei Bus Co.
Tokyo Yaesu South Exit>>Suigo Itako>>Kashima Central Hotel>>Kashima Antlers Club House>>Kashima City Hall>>Kashima Bus Terminal>>Kashima-Jingu Station
For Kashima Stadium (direct)
Kanto Tetsudo Co.,JR Bus Kanto Co.,Keisei Bus Co.
Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit>>Suigo Itako>>Kashima-Jingu Station>>Kashima Stadium
For Hasaki
via Kamisu and Hasaki:Kanto-Tetsudo Co.,JR Bus Kanto Co.
Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit>>Suigo Itako>>Kamisu City Hall>>Hasaki (general branch office)


Sawara, Kashima, Itako

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