4 seasons of
the 3 cities in Japan

seasons in Japan

Brilliant creation of seasonal color

Various species of the flora are at the waterfront. "The iris," which opens in June, is a synonym for "Suigo."

There are many other species of flowers in Suigo area. You will never be disappointed even if you come any time of the year.

Beautiful sense of the seasons preserved through time

Calendar for events and flowers on season


Fishing contest


Cherry blossoms



Ayame Festival


Hamanasu (rugosa rose)


Itako City Regatta

Ayame (iris)


Grand float festival in Sawara

Lotus festival

Lotus flowers and water lilies


Itako Gion-matsuri



Kashima Zinkou-sai



Grand float festival in Sawara



Red leaves of maple trees


Cross-country race in Itako

Flowers which color the four seasons

You can know the real sense of each season by flowers. The best sight to see is "Ayama (iris)" on the waterside.

The beach in Kashima is on the northern limit of "Hamanasu" (rugosa rose) which opens red-violet flowers in summer.

In winter swans come back to Kita-ura lake. The well-preserved environments of nature enable us to see a rich variety of beauty for all seasons.

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June is the best month for...

The iris in the flower garden

The species of sweet flag are at their best in June. Enjoy the boat ride through the flower garden.

Suigo Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden
June is the best month for 400 species (1,500,000 roots) of sweet flags, on the largest scale in Asia.
July is the best month for the lotus flowers. (The garden is proud of the highest number of species of "lotus" in Japan.)

Suigo Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden

  admission opening time
adults junior
during Ayame Festival 700yen 350yen 8:00-19:00
Sat. Sun. 8:00-21:00
May to August
(except the period of Ayame festival)
500yen 250yen 9:00-16:30
During the period of Lotus Festival
Sep. and
Mar. thru Apr.
200yen 100yen

Google map

Suigo Itako Iris Garden

Google map

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In winter swans come back to Kita-ura in Itako. Even on a cold day local people come out to feed them on the lake side.

People at the Mizuhara area in Itako plant aquatic grass such as wild rice and reed, on the waterside to revive the environment fit for birds and fish.

  • tel.0299-63-1111 Itako City Office

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Itako City Regatta


Itako City Regatta

Many townspeople enjoy two types of regattas, one by amusement-aimed and the other by race-aimed amid the cheers of the spectators on the shores.

  • tel.0299-63-1111 Itako City Office
  • Boat-course on the Kitatone-gawa in Itako
  • Held on the last Sunday in June

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The main course is along the Kita-Tone-gawa, for a total distance of 51.5 km, 1.5km for swimming, 40km for bike riding and 10km for running respectively.

  • tel.0299-63-2328 Ibaraki-ken Triathlon Association
  • Held on the course along Kita-Tone-gawa
  • The last Sunday in May

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Reflections of the beautiful flowers sparkling on the surface of the river

The fireworks

The fireworks reflected on the water surface

The best pastime in summer is to see fireworks bloom in the evening sky. The riversides and lakesides are absolutely fit to see the gigantic, spectacular flowers glow in the sky.

The fireworks in Kashima City

The fireworks of Itako City

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Hamanasu (rugosa rose) on the beach


Hamanasu (rugosa rose) on the beach

The beach called Daishoshizaki is designated as the special natural zone on the southern limit of the indigenous "Hamanasu."

The Hamanasu Garden has around 3,000 roots of Hamanasu. The best months, May to June, attract a lot of visitors.

Google map

  • tel.0299-69-4411 Shiosai Hamanasu Park
  • 10 min. on foot from Chojagahama-shiosai-hamanasu-koen of Kashima line 30 min. by car from Itako IC
  • Open daily
  • admission free
    (The observatory of the universe: open 9:00- 16:30 adults 300 yen children 200yen infant 100yen
    Closed on Monday, and on Dec. 29,30,31 Jan. 1,2,3)

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